Reading Information

What Will I Not Answer
I will not answer questions that are third-party questions, questions regarding health or give legal advice through my readings. I will do
love readings, but not questions regarding a third party (ex. I will
answer questions on how you can improve your love
life, but will not answer what your partner is thinking if a third
party will leave their love for you, or anything of the sort). I also
will not tell you who to date but will help with the pros and cons of each
path if stuck between two options. I will also refuse to do readings
that are time sensitive.

How I Do My Readings
Imagine your life is a rope. It is strong, filled with possibilities of paths you could have taken. When I read for you, I look at your life and read a
few threads, usually the ones who stick out. Why only a few? This way I
can tell you the path you are currently on, but it is not set in stone.
You easily can take the information I have given you and shape your
life to the way you want it to be.

Wait Time
Depending on my work schedule, I may take around 48 hours to respond. I will do my best to be as quick as possible.

How To Get A Reading
Send me an ask (all readings are posted publicly) with your question. If you want to be anonymous, send the question as an anon, but then another ask with
your contact information (meaning your Tumblr URL) so I can contact you
about your reading, as well as notify you on when I started and when to
expect. If you want a free PDF version of your reading to be able to
print, message me with your email address and I will send it as a PDF
once I post it on my blog.

Reviews are not mandatory but are greatly appreciated.

I did not get my reading or a response, what gives?!
I will let you know if I have received your reading, so if you have
waited 24 hours with no response, send me another ask! Note that I have
every right to turn down a reading for whatever reason.

Legal Stuff
Any of your information that is not part of the actual ask will only be
used for this very reading, and would not be given to third party users.
My readings are for entertainment reasons only, so sit back and have a
good time. Any photos used on my blog belong to me and cannot be reposted without legal action being taken. Images on the cards belong to
the rightful owners which will be included in the reading.

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