Being Silenced

So the cat got a hold of my tongue it seems.
Part of me wonders – how can this be?
Did I open my mouth for a bit too long?
Did I say something to deserve it’s claw?
My throat is hurt, my throat is dry.
Why must I keep blurting such lies?
They don’t care what I have to say
So if I fib, they’ll go away.
Smile and nod, but for how long?
I need to scream – something is wrong!
But all I hear are whispers.
Don’t give

Things begin to look
My friends stick by my side – their eyes light
I turn my volume
Force their fingers off our mute button
Make them give it
I Shall Not Be Silenced.
Not Again.
Time is not

Title: Being Silenced
Do Not Remove Caption
© Crescent Diviner 2018
Deck Used: Prisma Visions

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