Offerings – How To Honor Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed

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October 31st is considered a very spooky day, filled with stories of the paranormal, or a very fun day depending on your mindset (free candy from neighbors as a kid? All the fun Halloween parties and dressing up with friends? Extremely fun, even!) There are many superstitions and traditions that revolve around Halloween, and many of them speak of spirits. I am sure we are all told about how on Halloween, the spirits roam so we dress up as scary creatures so they don’t go after us. October 31st is a day many of us celebrate the dead, and use it as a time to celebrate and remember those who have passed on. This can be Ancestors (family wise or culture wise), or a loved one who may have passed away in the recent years. This is also a day I like to celebrate the entities who are on the other side, but may have always been on the other side (the fae comes to mind). This post is going to go into common ways you can honor the dead, as well as go into what really is an offering.

Keep in mind that this post is specifically going to talk about what I do and my practice. This is not the only way, nor will I ever claim it to be. This post is strictly to get you thinking about the topic.

Ways I honor those who have passed on is by lighting a tealight for every one of them (This candle is for those on my mothers side, this one for my fathers side, this is for the witches who came before me, and so on) and I always make sure I mention out loud before lighting the candles that I have my “House Rules” that they must follow like I spoke about in my Spirit Work Safety post.

Offerings can be tricky, but I like to think of it as something I know (or feel) they would enjoy. Many times it is not a physical object, but an act such as singing, donating, dancing, or just sitting down at my sacred space and talking to them.

If it is a physical object, it is normally tea or cookies. Food is very common to leave as an offering, and it is typical to make another plate of food for the spirits to share the meal with you. However, if you cannot afford to waste food it is fine to say to the spirits that you are leaving the food out for them for 30 minutes, and then you will eat the offering instead of throwing it out. Also, a common offering to give is water, black coffee, honey, or sugar.

On this day, however, I also like to dedicate time to talk to those who are on the other side. I will talk to them abut where I am in life currently, where I wish to go, and so on. I also ask them about themselves, and how they are doing! With those who do not originate from this side of the hedge, I make sure to do this multiple times obviously, but when it comes to those in my life who have passed away, I try not to disturb their piece much throughout the year.

I ask for advice, cry a bit if needed, and then I preform a blessing to make sure that they rest well and that everything works out. I don’t personally believe that the “veil thins” around this date, but I do know that in my case, Scorpio’s influence can for sure help. It is important to be safe, and I do not recommend stirring anything without doing your research. If you are uncomfortable welcoming spirits into your home due to being worried they won’t leave, I always recommend praying to whoever you believe in and asking them to bless your loved ones for you.

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