Importance of Gratitude in Magic

Disclaimer: This is 100% purely my own practice. I am not saying you need to practice gratitude in your magic, just that it really aided my own practice. I am also not saying you must be positive all of the time in order to use powerful magic. After reading the post, let’s talk about your thoughts in the comments below!

In order to talk about the importance of gratitude in magic, we must discuss what exactly gratitude is in general. According to the dictionary, gratitude is the feeling or act of being appreciative. However, there is more to it than that. When someone is grateful or expresses gratitude, there are many positive mundane effects onto their life such as increased self-compassion, mental health, optimism, and productivity as well as reduced stress, materialism, and envy. Also, people who practice gratitude tend to have healthier connections, as well as seem healthier.

So, now that we know the benefits of gratitude, as well as what gratitude is, we can now talk about the magical attributes of gratitude and how it is so important to include it into your practice. When we are working with magic, we are manipulating the energy around us. A lot of the time we either ask help of the elements, entities, or the universe or earth itself. When we show gratitude, it not only raises our personal vibration but it makes these entities more eager to help us. By showing and practicing gratitude genuinely, we are in a better mindset of receiving what we are asking for. Also, chances are a lot of the “No”s you would receive become “Not Yet”s, and the universe, deities, elements, or whichever you believe your craft comes from will guide you towards the direction of where you will be able to receive.

Lets say you wanted to use magic to help you get a partner. If you are not ready to be in a relationship, you will not be put into a relationship that is meant to last. However, when you experience gratitude, you may realize that the relationship was meant to teach you a lesson in order to prepare you for the relationship you asked for. The reason for this is when you are on a higher vibration, you can manifest bigger things into your life. Without gratitude, your vibration is not as high as it can be and therefore what you wish to bring in may not be at that level.

You can obviously do magic (powerful magic as well) without being the living embodiment of gratitude and the reason for it is that we are human, we do not need to be grateful of absolutely everything. There are things in life that really sucks and the only thing you are grateful for is that it is over. However, when you thank your tools and those who aid you, it can really add to the power of your magic. If your magic is already so incredibly strong and powerful, try thanking your tools now and then and see how much stronger the spells will be.

When someone goes into work and their boss treats them like trash, they become less motivated to work even if they get paid to do it. Now, place the same worker into an environment where they are appreciated and receive positive feedback, the worker will perform a lot better in all tasks, as well as may feel generous to go beyond the pay without being expected too. It may not happen right away (like if this worker just came from a poor workplace, they may still be in the same mindset of being there until a few weeks or months of being in the better, more healthier environment) but when it does, you will realize the difference it makes.

A way I include gratitude in my practice is that I keep a journal with me and when I am grateful, I jot it down. On a New Moon, I suggest introducing being thankful for things that you want to happen, but have not happened yet. The key is to be thankful about it as if it is already in your life. Start with tiny things like a great and positive meeting that has not happened yet, and don’t try to do this with a house or something unrealistic (you cannot legally own the moon, sorry to burst that bubble). Then work your way up. I like to keep it a minimum of five things that are relevant to the day I had or will have and try to do it once a day. However, I do suggest you start once a week and work your way up if you feel called. In other words, I use gratitude and the law of attraction to manifest things into my life

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