Fortune Friday

Hello, bom dia, I hope all is well! I am sending positive energy if you wish to accept it. I am so happy to be back with another Fortune Friday reading! Please know that even though I am posting this today, the message is timeless so feel free to accept the message from this week, and weeks prior if you feel called to!

Fortune Friday is a reading I try to do weekly which looks at the external energies of the days ahead and gives advice on how to move forward. It is important to not fight the energy being expressed in the readings but to learn how to adapt with them.

Take a look at the piles below and choose one, two, or all three if you feel called to it! Do not rush yourself!

Group One

The world feels like it is tumbling down, but you need to understand that this is truly a blessing in disguise. While it feels like everything is being demolished right in front of you, and you are starting back at square one in some cases, that is not the case. The universe is telling you that you have learned a lot and grown a lot, so now it is time to build up again with a better foundation. You will be surprised with how much is actually left over! Instead of fighting it and trying your best to stop the inevitable, watch yourself and see what your next steps can be. Maybe step one is to analyze the situation, or even to make a plan.

It may be scary, but there is a lot of success that will come from this! What is being stripped away is no longer serving you, but be thankful for when it has. Allow yourself to be peaceful with this fact and not be so hard on yourself! When you talk to others, speak with compassion. The worst thing to do right now is talk about your situation like it is the end of the world. It is okay to feel stuck, but don’t focus on that.

Group Two

It is coming into light that some people are not treating you the kindest and it can really hit a nerve. People have lied to you and used you. This is a really bad feeling, and I am sorry you are feeling so used. However, the universe wants you to know that all actions have consequences. You will be rewarded for your hard work, while they will not. If anything what they stole from you may not even be stable in their own life! The universe is for sure taking your hurt and saying “don’t worry, something will be done about it.”

However, the universe is also urging you to not hold any ill feelings towards them. Your time and energy is better placed elsewhere. What happened has happened, so there is no point in stressing yourself over it. Ask yourself how to learn and grow from it. The universe urges you to really fight back with kindness while asserting your boundaries and enforcing them. Protect yourself, but do not bring yourself down in the process.

Group Three

Choices must be made, Number Threes. However, you will not be making them alone. You will have help along the way, but the main thing is you must be active. The universe calls on you to be confident in what you are doing, and to find the balance needed. You are urged to not be too hasty and to be more compassionate. You may be called to act in a logical way which makes sense, but the universe is reminding you that sometimes, your heart will not lead you astray. You will do well with having a plan without losing the flexibility.

Get excited, allow yourself to be happy about the new adventures ahead of you! You are allowed to be excited and use the excitement as motivation. The fact you are getting excited is a good thing. However, do not let the excitement cloud your judgment and set you back. Also, do not let this excitement turn you for the worst. When you really dive in and go all in, be careful not to lose your compassion, the heart will not slow you down.

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