Manifestation Monday – MOTIVATE YOURSELF || 12.16.19-12.22.19

Hello, Bom dia! I hope you are feeling well today. I am sending over some loving and healing energy if you choose to receive them. As we approach the end of the year, these readings tend to reflect towards preparing for the new year. If you are new, Manifestation Monday is a weekly reading I tend to do on Facebook which looks at the internal energies of the week, reflect on how external energies may affect it, and work with said energies to help make the best out of the week ahead despite what is ahead of us! As always the reading is timeless, so if you don’t feel called for this reading check back later, or look at the previous messages! This week, I am using my tarot deck.

This is a period where we really do see self-motivation become focused on. Finishing projects, resolutions, and all the new beginnings the beginning of a new year- and decade- calls for. Many of us may feel motivated to start these new adventures and go all in, which is the absolute worst approach. This is why many of our resolutions don’t survive past January. For example, let’s say we want to start doing x activity for one hour a day. Replace x with exercise, meditation, reading, praying, writing, or any activity! If you start doing it for one hour every day, you will burn out or feel intimidated. Now, if you start with 15-minute intervals and do fifteen minutes one week, thirty another, and so on till you get to the full hour, it can feel a lot more manageable. This is the same thing for wanting to wake up earlier. Force yourself to wake up (or go to bed) fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would. Work your way to the desired time amount. It may take longer to get there, but it will last. Sometimes motivation is not enough. You need the tools to get the job done. No matter how motivated you are to hang up that TV if your toolbox is empty or missing essential items, that TV is not going up (or will crash and break.)

When this happens, you can get unmotivated or overwhelmed, I also get that taking your time with things and really planning and making a schedule can seem daunting and the time needed is not really something to look forward to, but by taking your time you will find success. Think of it this way, your goal is a plant. First, you need to plant the seed in the right conditions (planning.) Next, you water it and nurture it (working towards your goal in a manageable way), then finally you get the plant to sprout and bloom, and now is maintenance. It may take a while, but the reward at the end will be worth it.

You will find that you are creatively restless, and want to jump on your next phase as soon as possible, but know it is not maintainable. Find the balance you need so that your goals are more likely to be accomplished!

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