Importance of Study and Research in the Occult

I will not lie, the first thing I wanted to do when I felt called to my practice was to jump into it. I would skim books to get to the spells and wanted to try every single one of them right away. Not all of them worked. I didn’t give up, but it was disheartening. Believe it or not the issue wasn’t me, not completely at least. The spells used were inaccurate, impossible to accomplish, or I didn’t understand the instructions. This could have been avoided if I simply researched and taken my time studying my craft.

Mercury is in Pisces and is going to go retrograde very shortly. This is the perfect time to take a break and hit the books again for more spiritual and occult reasons. Even if you feel you know everything, going back to the basics will only enhance your practice. This does not always have to do with the occult – drawing, yoga, singing, dancing, writing, anything can benefit with practicing the basics again. However, we will specifically talk about the occult.

Tarot is a perfect place to start with an example. If we are so use to using our complex spreads, we might lose important details in the individual cards. Practice by doing one card readings a day and get to know each card individually. Read your books, perfect your spreads, but don’t lose yourself in the spreads. They are suppose to support your readings, not control them.

However, let’s say you are not an intermediate or advanced reader. You are a beginner and want to learn. I highly suggest you take the time and look at each card, feel a connection with it. Don’t glance at it, but really work with the card until you can recognize it like the back of your hand. You may want to dive in and start reading right away but I highly suggest that you allow yourself to learn each card individually. I’m not saying to memorize the booklet it comes with, but find a way to make your own connections based on the images (if the deck is no non-scenic this may prove to be difficult for beginners.)

What do others say about the card? How do you feel when it pops up? Take notes. How often is a card showing up? Again, take notes. Also, learning the individual card will make spreads much easier. Either way, take your time. Technically you don’t need to do the above but it will really enhance your readings for yourself and others.

Now, for magic. This more so goes with technique, ingredients, and tools. When you want to cast a spell, it is beneficial to work on a spell that you made yourself with your own correspondences. However, do not just throw anything together. Why is it incorporated in the spell? For a spell to attract friendship, do not throw every ingredient that corresponds with friendship in there. You need diversity. You can look at other spells for a guide and see how the spell was made, and think why each ingredient is incorporated.

I can go on and on, but I feel this is enough for today. What are ways that you go back to the basics?

Photo by Jeff Smith on Unsplash

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