Manifestation Monday – SILVER LINING || 03.09.20-03.15.20

Hello, bom dia, I hope you are all well! I am sending you love and happiness your way if you choose to accept it. This next wee, I can tell that a lot of things are about to change for the better. Manifestation Monday is a reading that is focused on the energy around us, and finding a way to make it all work in our favor, for our highest and greatest good. If this message does not resonate with you right now, that is fine! Do not force the message onto yourself. I encourage you to take the time to look through the Category to see if any messages resonate with you.

Now is the time to start taking initiative of our emotions. When things get stressful and heavy, we need to take responsibility for how we react. By remaining in control of our emotions and our thoughts, we can only guarantee success for us but also others. People seem to have this mindset of if other people succeed, then you cannot. This is far from true. By taking responsibility of yourself, you will find that you will not only be experiencing more success, but you will be able to celebrate it with others. Also, you will be able to celebrate for others as well. Overall, things will look up.

How to get there? I see a lot of dissatisfaction, because we will be uncomfortable. I see us having to reorganize ourselves and basically start again. This is expected- this is why it was so important to take the opportunity to organize and not focus on moving forward. Now, you may feel bored or hopeless, but this is not the catastrophe you think it is. This is going to be the action which is going to cause you to evolve to a better you, leading to all of the benefits I spoke of in the paragraph above.

You are being asked to have faith in the Universe’s plan for you, and that may be a lot. Things are not always so nice and I do see this struggle hitting people hard. Keep your head up, things will get better.

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