The Truth about COVID-19

This virus is serious, and I highly suggest you take your information from WHO (World Health Organization). The information in this blog is strictly about spiritual and energetic affects. Wash your hands, social distance yourself, and stay calm yet cautious. Understand that your health puts other people at risk. We are as strong as our weakest link. Now we must band together. Also, to those of you who ARE at risk, I am sorry that there may be those around you who do not care. I know you are scared, and I am as well. Your fear is justified. Please, stay safe.

Now, to the blog,

COVID-19 is a huge issue, but what can we learn from this? Truth of the matter is that COVID-19 has opened a lot of out eyes to the environment around us. It is getting clear that the world around us is not serving us. The fact that many people cannot affort to miss a month of pay, while there are people sitting on millions of dollars is not okay. This pandemic is also bringing light to the importance of Universal Health Care, because no matter how good YOUR healthcare is, if someone who has poor healthcare gets sick, they will not be able to handle it as much as you would.

But what does this mean for us?

We need to take this time to really analyze the environment around us. Now is not the time to be selfish, we need to force ourselves out of that thinking. For many of us, we were raised in an environment where we cannot afford to think of others. We were raised to survive, not live. I am not going to say now is the time for a worldwide spiritual detox, I feel that downplays the situation at hand. People are dying, and unless we learn from this situation, people will continue to die because we are not implimenting tools needed to keep us healthy and safe. Now is a time we are really learning what it means when people say that the big corporations care more about their fifth mansion over their workers.

We need better healthcare, we need wages that are not just livable, but where we are able to save for emergencies like this. We need to realize that humanity lies in the fact that we are there for one another oppose to only thinking of ourselves.

Stay home, stay cautious, but remember how hard this time period was and what would have made it easier. This is the standard we should fight for. But first – let’s make sure we stay healthy.

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