Manifestation Monday – YOU ARE A SEED WAITING TO SPROUT || 04.20.20-04.26.20

Hello meus queridos (which means my darlings), I hope you are all incredibly well today. I am sending you blessings and love your way if you choose to receive it. We are now in the realm of Taurus and this energy is very heavy but in a good way. This type of energy is very grounding and I just have the urge to bundle up in a blanket and watch Netflix with some ice cream, as well as other things which might be more productive (but in reality what is more productive than binging a tv show?). Anyways, this week’s reading is going to be timeless as always, so get back to it whenever you feel called to do so!

However, before we begin, I would like to quickly throw out there that I have a Patreon and am super excited for it and I really think you should check it out because I am super proud of it and it helps me help you okay bye time for the reading to start.

Okay meu amores, I am hearing that now is a time to finally find that stability in your life. Taurus energy is very much one to ground yourself to. Taurus energy reminds me of a garden, you plant the seed in this energy and allow the soil to do the nurturing. Allow yourself to be nurtured by this energy, because this energy wants to do that for you. What are ways you can allow yourself to be nurtured? Start new projects. I can see creativity pouring through us right now, so we should allow ourselves to explore that side of us! Allow the little kid in us to come out. Make yourself rice crispy treats or a cake, maybe paint or knit. Do anything that you can to help you feel more grounded. Now is also the time to work on your self-care. Are you praying? Are you meditating? Are you reflecting? Maybe start.

The cards are showing me that it will not be that easy. You will experience withdrawal and you are probably feeling like you may crash without your crutch. This crutch can be someone you are too dependent on, coffee, drugs (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) or anything else of that sort. Universe is specifying that this is not the sort of stability and support we should focus on and nurture. It is best to make sure you by yourself is strong and well taken care of. When you are certain that you are strong as you are, on your own, you can only imagine the power that you will be given with the help of someone else. This week, let’s focus on working on ourselves, okay? As long as you are able to say you are doing your best, you are winning in my book.

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