Earth Day – What Does It Mean For The Enlightened?

Earth day has basically been planted into my mind since I was a small child. Every year we would turn off the lights and for an hour (or longer), light candles, and play games as a family. This was actually a really sweet memory, and I was told the importance of letting the earth rest. Light pollution being an issue, as well as just pollution in general became buried in my mind. As I grew older, I started thinking more about the importance of Earth day, and how she deserves more than a day. Earth Day is all about nature, and taking care of our planet, but this should be every day. To be honest and quite selfish, we need to take care of her every day because not only is she our home, but we are part of nature. We are not to be excluded. So take the time to consider ways you can help the earth heal outside of this one day! You do not have to be perfect, but any effort is better than no effort.

Now, Earth Day can also have an important influence on us in a spiritual way. Earth day has a nurturing vibe to it. When we think of Mother Nature, she is a nurturing figure, thus why we call her Mother Nature. Using this information, and knowing Earth Day falls in Taurus Season every year, it only makes sense that we take this time to really celebrate us and treat us like the beautiful part of nature we are. This means being gentle with yourself and taking care of yourself. Today, take care of yourself, and every other day afterwards thank the Earth by being kind to her.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day by connecting to Nature

Start a Herb Garden: This can be very beneficial for you. Not only are you “giving back” to the earth by planting, but you will feel proud of using herbs from your own garden in your cooking! Also, you can make sure your herbs are safe and healthy because you control what is going in it.
Spiritual Baths or showers can also be a good thing to do. If you do not have a sachet of herbs to use, you can simply just imagine the water cleanse you not only on a physically level, but an energetic one as well. Pairing this with meditation can be very beneficial.
Self-Care in general can be very good. When you plant a seed, you have to nurture it for it to grow. That is what Self-Care is, it is nurturing the seed which is you! This is not something you do once and then forget about. Take the time to set up a weekly plan to take care of yourself. Coloring, resting, washing your feet, Anything of the sort!
Write a Thank You Letter to the universe, the earth, or yourself. I suggest doing this weekly. This can boost gratitude, and when you become use to showing gratitude and appreciation, you raise your energy and begin to attract more into your life. Also, even if you do not feel like writing for the universe or the earth, write thank you letters for yourself.

While I know this is a tad bit late, hopefully we can take the energy from Earth Day and carry it onward for the rest of the year!

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