Beltane Preparations – What Can I Do?

This May 1st, the Sabbat Beltane will occur, but what exactly is this holiday? Beltane is a holiday which falls between the beginning of spring and summer, and is a day filled with creativity. Spring is when we plant our seeds, and Summer is when we can begin to see them bloom. Even if you do not follow the Wheel of the Year, it is important to follow the Earth’s natural cycle. This is going to be a short post on how to celebrate.

To celebrate, we must have a better understanding on this time period. Beltane always falls in Taurus Season, and May is always equated to bringing flowers and beauty after a period of dampness (April Showers bring May Flowers). This is when we look forward to the bountifulness of Summer. Allow your creativity and joy to flow into the new upcoming season. These are some activities I recommend for the sabbat.

Get Creative! || By getting creative, this can mean many things. Start a new art project, sing a song, dance, write, do anything that can get the creative juices flowing!
Blessings! || Now is a beautiful time to bless your home and garden. The reason I say this is that it is believed that this is when the god and goddess bless the crops to help ensure a bountiful harvest after. You can check my post on home blessings here.
Wards! || Warding is always beneficial to do, so why not after blessing your home? I made a post about it here, so check it out.
Self-Love Readings || Anything to do with self-love is recommended at this time. Taurus energy will really start to feel different from this day onwards until Gemini takes over, so really take advantage! You deserve to take care of yourself, to allow yourself to work on your own growth today.

Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash

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