It Is Okay To Let Go

Have you ever heard the saying “If you love something, let it go and if it returns to you it is yours?” This does not only apply to people, and I am unsure if you truly understand what it means. This is what I am here to help you understand. This is a message that I have been hearing from the Universe, and I have been pulled to by Spirit to share. Take this information how you would like it, and know that I relay this message with only love in my heart.

Lets say that you plant a seed, and it begins to grow. The only way for the seed to grow is to let it be. If we suffocate the seed, it will only die. This is why that you have to learn to let go. This does not mean to stop planting seeds and to stop taking care of the seeds, but to not constantly smother them. Allow them to grow. Letting go does not mean to throw out or ignore, but to allow things to happen naturally. Gripping the water that is flowing down the waterfall is worthless, let it flow. When we grip at the waterfall, we may find ourselves only able to hold onto the dirt and rocks, leaving us with nothing that we wanted. This is the mentality we must have at this time.

We must understand that when we let go, we are not just letting it be, but we are actively allowing more to come into our lives that can be more positive. If by letting go, something ends up falling apart or leaving, you are making room for better. You are not going to be left with nothing, no matter the situation. At the end you will learn more and grow stronger. Letting go can mean to forgive, and to have patience. Allowing yourself to release all expectations that can be holding you back is also just as important.

What are ways you can remind yourself to let go of what is not in your control? What is a way you can remind yourself that you are important, and should be treated with respect- meaning to let go of what is not serving you? What can you do to improve the quality of your life? A hundred baby steps can get you far, do not discredit the power of one.

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