Manifestation Monday – KEEP ON GOING || 06.08.20-06.14.20

Hello, I hope that you are doing well meus queridos. I am sending you blessings and love your way if you choose to receive it. This past week has been quite difficult, but do know that I am very optimistic of what is to come. Note that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to, and this reading is to help you get to where you need to be for your highest and greatest good. This reading is timeless, so feel free to come back when you feel called or to check my other readings on the blog!

Overall, we must be aware that things are different now. This is why it is important that we need to get closure and start preparing ourselves for the next stage in our lives. We cannot allow things to be the same, we need to have that growth. Many of us feel that our mind is clear and we have properly taken the time to think things through, and are in a very motivated state. However, this motivated state is truly going to make or break us. We need to understand that there needs to be a balance. It is great that we are so motivated, but we need to pace ourselves so we do not burn out. This is why we need to not just plan things out ideally, but understand what limitations we have.

Truth is, we all have limitations. This should not stop us, but should have us be more prepared. We need to take the time to realize what we do have and what we do not. We are so blinded by the fear of failing, or losing everything, that it is almost as if we are calling it in for us. It is important to remain optimistic and remain motivated, no matter how hard things get. We will feel mentally drained and trapped, at the brink of completely giving up, but once we open ourselves to other possibilities and learn that not everything has to be written in stone we can find that we have much more options. Allow yourself to be creative, and do not give up.

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