Sigil For Self-Improvement

We always can be better, do better, and feel better. I am a strong believer that we should not settle. This sigil is meant to not settle. There is always a way we can improve our life. By doing so, this does not mean we are ungrateful, it means we are ready for more. However, with this sigil I feel there needs to be a warning. When there are greater ups, prepare for greater downs. The energy is like a pendulum, so the more it goes one way, it will go the other just as much. I am not saying this to scare you away, but so you can be prepared. Note that, in my opinion, it is always worth it- ask your guides for protection and to help you make the bad not as bad as it could be. You deserve to succeed and you deserve to have the best!

In my opinion, this is not a one-time-use sigil. This sigil should be incorporated in your daily or weekly routine. Perhaps you can visualize the sigil glowing in your mind as you meditate or pray, or you can draw this sigil with your body wash before you wash your body. If you want to use this sigil with a candle, carve it gently into the side of a candle and have it burn as you meditate, pray, or journal. Once you are done doing so, snuff out the flame to keep the energy present so you can reuse the same candle. Enjoy the sigil, and enjoy attracting better things into your life with it!

This is the sigil created for this purpose, start drawing with the little hoop and then finish with the tail.

Cover Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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