Mercury Retrograde, 06.18.20-07.12.20

Hello, meus queridos. I hope you are all doing well at the moment, I am sending you love, light, and blessings your way! If you choose to receive them that is great and if not, no hard feelings! Alright so this weekly post is going to be an extension on what I have said in my Instagram Post about Mercury Retrograde. If you came from there, hello! Thanks for coming! If not, check out that post when you have the chance.

As I mentioned in the post, this retrograde is going to give us permission to start projects over and rebuild with a stronger foundation. This is mainly how it is for projects, but what about relationships? We need to also understand that Venus is also in retrograde, and that is already digging up issues within relationships with ourselves and others. This paired with the communication issues highlighted by Mercury Rx, we will find that there will be way more arguments if we do not learn to take our time with our thoughts and to not jump the gun on situations. Many people love to blame the retrogrades for their issues, but the retrogrades are simply bringing these issues to light. It is our job to work on them and fix them in order to fully succeed and ‘survive’ the retrogrades.

Also note that now is not the time to just power through things. Mars is still in Pisces and will be for half of this Mercury Rx. This is just further confirmation that now is not the time to start something new. This does not mean to sit back and do nothing, but allow yourself this time to learn and perfect. I bring this up because Mercury is in a Trine with Mars, meaning that they are working together right now and while this is normally a positive aspect, we must remember Mercury is in Retrograde, which means that Mars is further supporting and carrying out the effects of said retrograde. We may feel impulsive and defensive, but we must refrain from doing so. Note that Mars does not do well in Pisces, nor does Mercury in Cancer. Mercury will be much better when returned to Gemini, and Mars does not like the cloudiness and confusion of being within the sign of Pisces, and will be more focused and aware when entering Aries. We should take the opportunity to better ourselves.

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