Crescent Divination – APOTHECARY

What is Crescent Divination Apothecary? This apothecary is my pride and joy. I can honestly say that these items mean the most to me. Everyone who has had the chance to use them have said very similar things that I am about to say, but these oils have changed my life for the better. Everything becomes so much easier, and life is so much better. I wake up every morning feeling extremely optimistic. I spoke about these oils before, but I really need to dive into the impact these oils made in my life. Every night before bed I use these oils to preform a little reiki session for myself and the oils do all the work, and they do the work fast. What does that mean?

It means I go to bed every night without the baggage of the day holding me down. I wake up feeling lighter and more optimistic of the day. I allow positive things to happen to me because I enter the space of receiving positive things. I protect my energy, but those who have access to it can see how little maintenance I need to do because of these oils. Taking five minutes a day to use these oils before bed is all it takes to see that change. Those who have already received my oils claim to use them every day, and they all have amazing results. I can tell you honestly that I am so proud of my oils because of all the good they bring to those who use them. They feel in control of their lives, and honestly speaking they DESERVE to feel in control! You deserve to feel in control. We all do. And I am so thankful that I am able to help others get to that place.

This has been a project I have been working on for a very long time, that I am so excited to be able to talk about now. This first launch is released now, and you will be introduced to 17 Products! I am aware that that sounds like a lot of products for a first launch, but I promise it is important that they are all released at the same time. My Patrons are already introduced to my Oils, and those products will slowly but surely be introduced to you! My Patrons, no matter the tier, are going to be getting behind-the-scene updates so if you are interested in those, feel free to join the family! However, let us dive in to the purpose of my Apothecary and why I have decided to open it.

I always was intrigued with oils, and working with it’s magic. I was interested in starting my own Apothecary since 2015, but have decided it would be best for me to wait to educate myself, and for when the time felt right. I am now excited and ready to dive into this part of my career, and the thought that my products can help people make me so unbelievably happy and excited. With each product, I will be providing a description and instructions for ways to use the products, and I have already thought of some interesting tutorials for you all!

I cannot wait for you all to meet my products, as well as for when you all get your hands on them! I hope you love them as much as I do! Keep an eye out for my next few blog posts.

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