Jupiter Direct

Let’s talk about this. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance, so people see that Jupiter is going direct and get excited because of these correspondences- but we need to remind ourselves that abundance and growth is not always a good thing. Sure we think of good things when we think of those terms, but there can be an abundance of disease, and growth of mold. There is not always positive things going on.

As Jupiter goes direct, it moves closer and closer to Saturn which is the planet of restriction. These two planets are also in Capricorn, which is a very constrictive sign as well (this is not good or bad, just is.) So what we will find is that we will begin to hyper-fixate on the little things, and the need for complete control can be overwhelming, so keep an eye out on that. Know that things are not always going to be like this, and things are better than it seems. However, this is super general because it is important to look into how these placements fall in your natal chart and how these placements communicate with your personal placements. Interested? Let me know.

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