Cusps Do Not Exist, But This Is Why You Think They Do.

Have you ever asked someone what their sign was, and for them to say they are a cusp? They must feel really special- being two signs at once. Too bad that isn’t a thing. Don’t worry, they still have multiple signs, but so does everyone else. Let me explain why cusps don’t exist.

Each zodiac sign rules over 30 degrees of the 360 degree chart.
Aries: 0-29
Taurus: 30-59
Gemini: 60-89
Cancer: 90-119
Leo: 120-149
Virgo: 150-179
Libra: 180-209
Scorpio: 210-239
Sagittarius: 240-269
Capricorn: 270-299
Aquarius: 300-329
Pisces: 330-359

To the right is an astrology chart, which chart it is is not important. Let’s say when you are born, the sun was at 299 degrees, which is right before the line starting Aquarius. Your sun sign would be Capricorn. Now, lets say it was 300 degrees, which is exactly on the line. Even though it is only a one degree difference, it is now in Aquarius. Now, lets make it even smaller. If it was 299.99 degrees, it is in Capricorn. Even if it moves 0.01 degrees, it then goes into Aquarius. Point is, it cannot be in two signs at the same time.

You are probably wondering why you feel so much like your neighboring sign, and the reason is that our Sun sign is not the only sign that matters. There are seven traditional planets and three outer planets, making 10 in total. Each of these planets plays a role in your life, and can influence your personality in different ways. I talk about the seven traditional planets HERE if you want to read up more on how they do so. Certain planets tend to stay close to the Sun, like Mercury, so using the above example, if your sun is in Aquarius, you can have your mercury in Capricorn. Also, it could be possible your Rising Sign could have fallen in the neighboring sign.

If you are curious about what your chart says about you, and you are looking for someone to explain it all to you, contact me!

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