It Is Okay To Feel Good

I know sometimes it is hard to believe, we all have our bad days. Sometimes we just want to scream and pull our hair and say “F*CK IT. I AM DONE!” and run away and ignore all our problems until they go away. Why can’t someone else deal with it? Why me? 
Want to know what I love about you, though?
You don’t stay down. Even if you are knocked down for longer than you would like to be, you get up. That’s what is important, right? I would love to promise you that you won’t be knocked down ever again, but I can’t do that. What I can promise though is that you will never be knocked back again. If you fall, you will fall forward. You will learn that everything, even the negative, can benefit you. Not everything happens for a reason, but we can give it one. Be optimistic for the future. Even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep going knowing it will soon show. Even if things are dark, scary, and frustrating, know that you are not alone.
Allow me to help you stay empowered. 

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