Mercury Retrograde – My Time Of Year!

It is my favorite time of year! Now, listen. I know this is pretty suspicious coming from someone who loves the Tower card, but retrograde periods can be very beneficial for us! Note how I say can be and not will be? This is because it depends on how you use it like any other situation. Partying can be a very good opportunity to socialize and have a fun time, but if you just sit in a corner and avoid talking to people and stay on your phone responding to emails you probably won’t get the results you would normally want from going to a party. If you go to the theater and just fall asleep instead of watching the show, you won’t get the best experience out of it. So if you don’t know what Mercury Retrogrades are best for, how can you expect to get the most out of it? Exactly. Don’t be hard on yourself, let me help you!
People commonly equate Mercury Retrograde with issues in communication, transportation, and technology, but there is so much more to that, and a side to it that can be more beneficial to us! Specifically with this Retrograde, Mercury is in Scorpio and will move into Libra. Meaning that when we begin, we will feel a struggle with being not as focused as we would like to be. This is a time period of not moving forward, period. Not only is this Retrograde making it hard to focus, it is also during a Mars Retrograde. Now is a perfect time to go back and think back on any decisions you may have made impulsively. What do you regret doing? Think it through now and maybe talk it out. Don’t try making new choices to move forward, now is a time to look back and see what you did wrong and how to do things better. Later on Mercury will fall back into Libra, and this is when I see us needing to work on rebuilding our boundaries. We have been compromising so much that we let our boundaries be crossed too many times. As difficult as it may feel, now is the time to reflect on how you should demand you should be treated.
Hint: You deserve to be treated like you are a powerful deity that should be adored yet feared.
Need more clarification on how to make this a powerful and transformative period in your life? Send me a message!

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