It’s Not So Bad.

Do you get uneasy and nervous when you are in situations that are not comfortable? When a situation is out of your comfort zone, do you automatically want to retreat? If you said yes, then that is probably why you are not growing.
Looking at evolution, animals only evolve when in an environment they are not comfortable in. If everything was going well, why would they evolve anyways? When we are looking to evolve ourselves, we need to force ourselves to be in the situation we want to thrive in, and let the uncomfort evolve us. Don’t wait until you are more successful, or happier, or whatever. Do it now. You deserve it now. Picture who you want to be. What would that person be doing? Do it.
Now, this is the reason I love the Tower Card. The Tower card is a representation of that discomfort. I view this card as a forced change, it is not gentle with you. There is no transition period.  You get completely thrown in. 
The Tower card is not a death sentence. It is not completely over. You may feel like you are starting all over, but you know better now. It is the Universe saying “you have grown and learned so much, now try again but use the knowledge you have now that you wish you did when you started.”
This does not have to be a painful process. When you align yourself with the Universe, you will find that undertaking your evolution becomes so much easier. If you want to learn how to work with the Universe to promote the change you want, message me and we can work something out. Remember, It’s Not So Bad.

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