Blackwell (5/5)

On April 6th, 2019, I ordered two readings from Crescent Divination; As Above So Below, and A Look Within. To begin with, I am highly impressed with the speed and professionalism of Crescent. My order was filled and delivered within 24hrs of payment, and done so in an easily accessible way. As for the readings, once again I’m blown away. Honestly, the accuracy was…eerie. One of the big things Crescent picked up in the As Above So Below reading was the chaos and change going on in my life. As it turns out, there is quite a bit going on in my life now, and without going into personal details, she picked up on both the positive and negative aspects of changes happening right now! For the Look Within… well I felt called out. That’s how accurate the reading was. In so many ways, Crescent hit on who I am as a person, including – nay, highlighting the facets I tend to hide the most. Touching on certain fears that I have, my strengths and weaknesses, this reading really was a mirror. It let me look at myself in an objective light so I am able to pinpoint various things that I want, and need, to work on in my life. All in all, the readings were most definitely worth it and I will likely be requesting more in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.