Why I Do What I Do.

Here is the thing. You can get your Tarot Cards read to you by anyone, ever, and I am here asking you to consider me for yours. Before you make your decision, I felt it was only fair I told you more about my style and what you would be getting yourself into with a reading from me.

When I do a reading, I put my 100% into it. I put my entire heart and I am committed to your growth. My message may not always be what you want to hear, but I can guarantee you need to hear it regardless. I do my best to never leave a reading on a negative note, and if there is a negative note, I end it with what you can do currently, in your power, to change your path for the better.

Let’s say you get your reading, and are unhappy with the result. You are either confused on the message or feel the reading is totally off. Thankfully, this has not happened to me yet because I always ask clients to wait a week after their reading to give feedback to let the reading and advice sink in. If it does happen, I will evaluate the situation. I will either pull classifier cards or, if it is severe enough, redo the reading. After consulting the client about why they are unhappy with the reading, I will always try to fix the situation free of cost.

When I say I am committed to your growth, I mean it wholeheartedly with no strings attached. This is why I have the budget option in my shop- the only thing that changes is price and size of the reading. I still put as much love and effort into the budget readings that I do the original ones.

You can get your cards read by anyone, but I can promise you will not regret giving me a chance. You deserve to do well. You deserve to succeed. You deserve to be happy. Let me help you.

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