Take Care Of Yourself to Thrive Spiritually.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we would rather have that ginger ale for our tummy ache, or sometimes we would rather have some lemon tea instead of cold medicine, but let’s talk bigger. I am talking about antidepressants, I am talking antipsychotics, medication to help with your ADHD, you know- THAT kind of medication. A lot of times I see spiritual practitioners say how horrible it is to take those medications, and that it will damage our spirituality. I have heard “If you take your antipsychotic meds, not only will you not have hallucinations, but you will close yourself from real messages from spirits!” or “your medication for your ADHD will make it so that you are cutting yourself off from the universe!” and every single time I see those comments, I get furious. This is not how it works.
    Are there ways to be treated without medication? Sure there are, but that is for you and your doctor to talk about. If your doctor says the BEST thing you can do for yourself is go on medication, do not be afraid to take it because your practice is “at risk.” If anything, once you are on your medication and have adjusted, you will notice that your practice will be even stronger. Sometimes (and this is sometimes) spiritual activity may stop temporarily when you first start taking meds, but this is because your body is saying “Right now we got to focus on US and we need to HEAL now that we have the tools to do so.” You taking medication is like someone throwing you a sword to defend yourself with. Sometimes you can’t catch it and get hurt (these are the side effects that tend to go away after a bit), but overall you now have a better chance. Trust me, if there was a message that really was important and could not wait, the Universe will still give it to you. 

     If you broke your arm, you would not deny yourself a cast. If you find a tumor, you won’t refuse surgery to remove it. If you injure yourself, you won’t refuse to clean the wound. If you cannot walk, you will not deny a mobility device. So why is it that when you are struggling mentally, you deny yourself the aid? People telling you not to take medication because it is not “natural” is like you telling me I should not wear my glasses because “naturally” I am not supposed to see. That’s silly, right? 

    Take care of yourself, you silly goose. 

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