It Isn’t Over Yet.

Self love is always important, especially. During a time period like this. We cannot lie, 2020 has not been kind to anyone and I wish I could tell you that things will magically get better. I wish I could say that when you wake up tomorrow, all of the struggles of this year will feel like a distant memory. However, if I were to say all that I would be lying through my teeth and you don’t want that now do you. Things will not magically get better, but we can work towards things getting better. Rome was not built in a day, and we need to apply that mindset here. The way I recommend is to work with mindfulness, and my self-love products are amazing at keeping you in the moment.
That is exactly what you need during these retrograde seasons.Mars is already retrograde and soon Mercury will join him, making this a time period where we are all working on impulse, causing a lot of arguments. By slowing down, we allow ourselves to not act out impulsively, and allowing us to slow down and properly analyze the situation. I will not lie, I used to feel like the world was against me, and there was no point in even trying. Why bother getting up if I will just be knocked down again? All these obstacles kept getting in my way. The universe would see me and would then give me more obstacles, because that was what I was attracting. Then, I got myself out of that victim mindset. Once I did the universe began helping me. My walls turned into stepping stones. A huge part in my routine which helps me do this more effortlessly is by using my products to remind myself that I am loved by myself, and by aligning myself in love and gratitude, the Universe sees that and hands me even more blessings. During this retrograde season, let’s avoid thinking of it as an obstacle, but instead view it as a blessing. Let’s stop being victims, and start thriving like we are meant to be.

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